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Guide, improve and secure.

Company & employees

  • We hold a leading position in the market.
  • Our actions are customer- and process-oriented.
  • We are team-oriented and cross-functional.
  • Motivated employees achieve the best results.
  • We have introduced lean and efficient processes.
  • Our data and procedures are transparent at all times.
  • We work effectively, independently and responsibly.
  • Our employees and their well-being are the focus of our activities.

Occupational safety, quality & environmental protection

  • We adhere to all regulations, laws and directives.
  • We are constantly optimizing our products, processes and performance.
  • We avoid wastage and errors through consistent planning.
  • We are constantly improving our qualifications.
  • We conform to the standards, regulations and state of the art.
Direct contact to our Sales Department.
Sales Department contact

Our contacts are available to answer questions, or discuss wishes and suggestions.

Tel. +49 (0)8741 9605-0

Mail. info@veldener.de

Sales Department contact