Welcome to the VELDENER Präzisionstechnik GmbH Welcome to the
VELDENER Präzisionstechnik GmbH


Work clothes and safety shoes

You will be provided with work clothes and safety shoes.

Occupational pension plans

In collaboration with a cooperation partner, we offer you different variants of the company pension plan.

Screen glasses

You are entitled to a regular occupational health check-up and subsidies for any necessary VDU glasses.

Come together winter and summer break

Twice a year you are invited to a small summer or winter barbecue.

Shopping cooperation

Use our shopping platform to benefit from discounts on your private purchases.

Mardi Gras doughnuts

At carnival time we give the entire staff carnival doughnuts as a small gift.

Gym vouchers

Because we care about your health, we support your active gym membership twice a year with a VIB voucher.

Ideas Management

Contribute your ideas and suggestions to help improve the company's development. If implemented, your suggestion will be rewarded with a bonus.


We offer you the possibility of leasing a job bike at attractive conditions once you have been taken on for an unlimited period.

Charging stations for e-cars

We offer all permanent employees (m/f/d) - who use an e-vehicle for the route home / workplace - the opportunity to charge their e-vehicle at the charging stations of VELDENER.

Employees recruit employees

VELDENER is always looking for qualified workers (m/f/d). In compliance with defined and visible conditions, your recruitment will be rewarded.

Folk festival stamps

Depending on how long you have been with the company, you will receive food and beer tokens for a joint festive visit on the day of the companies.

Good reasons for training at VELDENER

Engaging learning environment

A well-founded training in a motivated team

Wide range of applications

Many different insights into company divisions

Independent operations

Independently take over tasks after a short time

Genuine appreciation

Already valued as a valuable employee during training

Attractive salary

In the 1st year of training already an income of min. 1.088€-gross per month

Financial bonuses

Entitlement to vacation pay and Christmas bonus

Good career opportunities

Great opportunities to be taken on as a specialist and receive further training

Flexible working hours

A 35-hour week with flexitime option


Rest on 30 days of vacation in the calendar year

Exam preparation

Entitlement to three specialulae days prior to the final written examination.

Trainee training

At the start of training, we organize a trainee training program for our trainees to get to know each other better.

Award training graduation

We award prizes to all trainees who have completed their IHK training certificate with flying colors and a defined overall grade.