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Ongoing quality control

Quality assurance is a joint undertaking of all business divisions and begins in the tendering phase. Hence, tests are conducted by the departments responsible in the various phases of product planning and development.

Measurement technology

  • 3D coordinate measurement instruments
  • Optical wave testing instruments
  • Contour measurement instruments
  • Form testers
  • Laser micrometers
  • Surface roughness gauges
  • Gear measurements instruments
  • Digital measurement projectors

Hardness testing laboratory

  • Determination of hardness acc. to Rockwell (HRC, HRA, etc.)
  • Determination of hardness acc. to Vickers (from 100g to 50kg)
  • Determination of hardness acc. to Brinell
  • Determination of hardness (CHD, SHD, NHD, OFH)
  • Measurement of coating thickness (CLT, etc.)
  • Metallographic analysis of cuts

Grinding burn tests

  • Nital etching process
  • Magneto-elastic method acc. to Barkhausen

Crack testing

  • Magnetic particle method

Clean laboratory

  • Determination of surface purity
  • Process: medium-pressure spraying, ultrasound, flushing
  • Workpieces up to 380 mm possible
  • Application of current standards and customer-specific requirements
  • Continuous updating of the necessary hard- and software

Our name
is a hallmark
of continuity,
and quality.

Our entrepreneurial success is founded on:

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Continuous improvement (e.g. CIP, audits, etc.)
  • Error avoidance – errors are seen as an opportunity
  • Raw material- and resource-conserving production
  • Occupational safety and health protection programmes
  • Safety at the workplace

The success of our customer- and process-oriented management system.

Based on consistent implementation
and ongoing optimization.

Our integrated management system (IMS) embraces all management processes to ensure quality, occupational safety and environmental protection.
Ongoing development and monitoring of the integrated system by trained IMS auditors further enhances the high quality, occupational safety and environmental standards. Regular certifications to 14001 (Environmental Protection) and 16949 (Quality) are evidence of this consistent alignment.

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